Identity & Signage | Olsen’s Dental Practice

Client: Role Description: Project Description: Technology Profile:   ROLE: Lead¬†Designer, Client Liaison Kiers created the identity for this West London-based dental practice. The typeface, logo, brochure, and website of course, but the project also extended to the creation and installation of these giant backlit teeth which now brighten up the street where the practice is […]

WebGame ‘HONOLOKO’ | European Environment Agency

MY ROLE: Creative Director, Team Leader, Flash Developer, Project Manager, Client Liaison AWARDS: GOLD, Worldfest¬†Media Awards. RECOGNITION award, US Environmental Protection Agency Honoloko is a flash web-game created for the European Environment Agency (EEA) in partnership with the World health organisation (WHO). The project was developed as an entertaining educational experience for children between the […]

Microsite | Imperial College London

ROLE: Senior Art Director, Developer, Client Liaison The SPARK site is a student-only site that showcases the best photography work created at the institution, which can also be used as an image archive for sourcing images for presentations, articles and reports. Imperial commissioned Kiers to create the site design as part of a series of […]