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3D Character: Fishtank

ROLE: Senior Developer & Designer, Team Leader, Client Liaison Kiers was commissioned by Fishtank to create their website and webgame and related assets . An important design feature of the website was the idea that a fishtank was behind the screen, and that you could peer through holes in the design and see the fish there. Navigating between sections and pages changed the location of the holes, and changed what you could see in the tank. Fish characters interact with the holes, peer through at us…

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VideoArt HeartLoop

ROLE: Artist, Editor, Choreographer, Post Production Heartloop was created partly as a commission from Bagley Clubs Network, Kings Cross London, and partly from Pygar as a promotional vehicle for the studio. The video is essentially an abstract dance piece, although it follows the story of two players through an eternal journey of attraction and repulsion. The piece was edited with Adobe Premiere Pro.

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WebGame: SteepleChaser

{{unknown}}ROLE: Senior Developer & Designer, Client Liaison Kiers was commissioned by Fishtank to create their website and webgame. The webgame was a small project to complement their website with something fun and simple – perhaps to compensate any time spent waiting on the phone. Its simplicity matches their corporate style, the audio is also stripped down, and there are only a couple of keys that control gameplay.

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Website | Religion Clothing

ROLE: Creative Director, Developer & Designer, Client Liaison Kiers worked as Senior Art Director for all things digital (and several offline projects too) for Religion Clothing for almost 5 years. During this time he created many microsites, press releases, and promotional and viral campaigns and games. The website reflects a new simplicity associated with the brand. It is built using AJAX and JQuery, with PHP managing the server-side image libraries. Two very different styles were created for the brand. Initially the design was very tattoo-inspired and…

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Website | Honky

ROLE: Creative Director, Flash Developer, Client Liaison

Chris Dezille AKA Honky is a multi award-winning interior designer/architect based in London. Kiers was commissioned to develop the portfolio for his body of work. The result was a flash-based, highly interactive and unusual showcase.

WebGame ‘Club BBC’ | BBC

ROLE: Creative Director, Flash Developer, Project Manager, Client Liaison Over 12 months, 6 flash web-games were created as part of a promotional campaign to increase awareness of the BBC Club’s promotions and facilities. Each game reflected the particular promotions of that 8 week period – New Years Resolutions, Valentines, Spring Lottery, Summer Fitness, Halloween, Christmas. In addition to writing the online campaign and putting the development team together (using inhouse and outsourced talent) Kiers led the development of these projects over the year. This work…

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Identity & Signage | Olsen’s Dental Practice

ROLE: Lead Designer, Client Liaison

Kiers created the identity for this West London-based dental practice. The typeface, logo, brochure, and website of course, but the project also extended to the creation and installation of these giant backlit teeth which now brighten up the street where the practice is located.



WebGame ‘HONOLOKO’ | European Environment Agency

MY ROLE: Creative Director, Team Leader, Flash Developer, Project Manager, Client Liaison

AWARDS: GOLD, Worldfest Media Awards. RECOGNITION award, US Environmental Protection Agency

Honoloko is a flash web-game created for the European Environment Agency (EEA) in partnership with the World health organisation (WHO). The project was developed as an entertaining educational experience for children between the ages of 9 – 12 and attempted to increase their impact their actions could have upon their health, and the environment.

Creative direction and concept creation was led by Kiers, his work also included directing the development team on creative styles, and programming solutions. He led a team of 3 illustrators, 2 animators, the musician Henry Olsen (formerly of Primal Scream), 2 backend engineers from IME, and a project manager working with WorldWide Pictures) over a period of 6 months. It was launched by Bert Jansen and Kiers in Budapest at the Conference of European Ministers for the Environment, and since then has received many positive reviews by press and other agencies alike.

After several focus groups in London and Copenhagen, the product was released in 26 European languages as a web-game and CD-rom, and was supported by other merchanding (posters, t-shirts, USB drives, mouse mats, and postcards) – which used the isometric graphics that were originally created for the game.

A short clip showing a player enjoying the game in Portuguese.


WebGame ‘STEEPLECHASER’ | Fishtank Recruitment

ROLE: Creative Director, Flash Developer, Project Manager, Client Liaison Steeplechaser was created as ‘a fun way to waste the time while on hold’. The agency Fishtank sponsors a hot-air balloon in a local event and the game uses this as the central theme – navigate your balloon over the spiky Bristol skyline and away from birds. Kiers created the flat 2D artwork style for this game, directed the audio creation, and wrote the flash coding.

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Microsite | Imperial College London

ROLE: Senior Art Director, Developer, Client Liaison The SPARK site is a student-only site that showcases the best photography work created at the institution, which can also be used as an image archive for sourcing images for presentations, articles and reports. Imperial commissioned Kiers to create the site design as part of a series of upgrades to their in-house websites. Alongside this work, he also re-wrote and upgraded a lot of the CSS and HTML across the various web platforms.  

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London Fashion Week Illustrated Guide

Printed Pamphlet Guide for London Fashion Week – one side contained guide information, the other side was a poster.