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VR Hackathon Winner 2018

Kiers attended the WEB 3D Consortium VR Hackathon event in Poznan, Poland in June 2018. The purpose of the event was to allow groups of up to 5 designer-developers to answer a sponsored challenge in a competitive environment using virtual reality. The challenge he chose to work on was “one-handed quick access menu”. Working as […]


Client: London Fashion Week, Dazed & Confused Magazine, Patrick Wolf, Coquette, Superbunny, XFM Radio, Religion Clothing, Livan Role Description: Illustrator, Artist. Project Description: On many occasions, Kiers has been asked to deliver original artworks for individual clients and commercial products. His development process usually involves collecting a range of inspirational materials together, and from this […]

Application: XR Bridge-Crane Simulator

Client: Cadefer Logistics (Barcelona) Role Description: Designer-Programmer, Project Description: Kiers was commissioned in 2018 to deliver a training simulator for bridge cranes. The virtual environment acts as a gamified training environment for crane operators, whose scores are represented in an online leaderboard. Technology Profile: Unity, C#, AJAX, MySQL, PHP, Maya

SEK Catalunya: Video Game Design & Coding

Client: SEK Catalunya International Secondary School (Barcelona) Role Description: Technology Teacher Project Description: SEK International invited Kiers to assist in the Technology Department from November 2017 to March 2018. During this time he developed projects with ESO-4 with videogames using Unity, Sketchup and C#, and with ESO-3 developing webgames with Javascript. Technology Profile: Unity, C#, […]

Ubisoft: Game Design Course

Client: Ubisoft (Barcelona) Role Description: Course Designer and Instructor Project Description: Kiers worked with Ubisoft to design and deliver a training course in Web Game Design with Adobe Flash and Actionscript 3 using OOP (Object Orientated Programming) principals. The course ran from September 2015 to May 2016. The course was delivered online using Skype and […]

3D Character: Fishtank

ROLE: Senior Developer & Designer, Team Leader, Client Liaison Kiers was commissioned by Fishtank to create their website and webgame and related assets . An important design feature of the website was the idea that a fishtank was behind the screen, and that you could peer through holes in the design and see the fish there. […]

WebGame: SteepleChaser

Client: Role Description: Project Description: Technology Profile: ROLE: Senior Developer & Designer, Client Liaison Kiers was commissioned by Fishtank to create their website and webgame. The webgame was a small project to complement their website with something fun and simple – perhaps to compensate any time spent waiting on the phone. Its simplicity matches their corporate style, the […]

Application: PsycholoCode

Role Description: Digital Artist, Programmer-Designer Project Description: This screen-based project was developed by Kiers to stand alongside his Earth Antenna machine at the UAL Chelsea Gallery’s “SITE” exhibition in December 2013. On the screen is a visual representation of an plutchik-wheel based algorithm processing a continuous stream of numeric data. The animation is generated in […]

Website | Religion Clothing

ROLE: Creative Director, Developer & Designer, Client Liaison Kiers worked as Senior Art Director for all things digital (and several offline projects too) for Religion Clothing for almost 5 years. During this time he created many microsites, press releases, and promotional and viral campaigns and games. The website reflects a new simplicity associated with the brand. […]

Website | Honky

ROLE: Creative Director, Client Liaison Chris Dezille AKA Honky is a multi award-winning interior designer/architect based in London. Pygar was commissioned to develop the portfolio for his body of work. Kiers created the designs of the website and oversaw the development of the programming while managing the development team and maintaining contact with the client. […]

WebGame ‘Club BBC’ | BBC

ROLE: Creative Director, Flash Developer, Project Manager, Client Liaison Over 12 months, 6 flash web-games were created as part of a promotional campaign to increase awareness of the BBC Club’s promotions and facilities. Each game reflected the particular promotions of that 8 week period – New Years Resolutions, Valentines, Spring Lottery, Summer Fitness, Halloween, Christmas. […]

Identity & Signage | Olsen’s Dental Practice

Client: Role Description: Project Description: Technology Profile:   ROLE: Lead Designer, Client Liaison Kiers created the identity for this West London-based dental practice. The typeface, logo, brochure, and website of course, but the project also extended to the creation and installation of these giant backlit teeth which now brighten up the street where the practice is […]

WebGame ‘HONOLOKO’ | European Environment Agency

MY ROLE: Creative Director, Team Leader, Flash Developer, Project Manager, Client Liaison AWARDS: GOLD, Worldfest Media Awards. RECOGNITION award, US Environmental Protection Agency Honoloko is a flash web-game created for the European Environment Agency (EEA) in partnership with the World health organisation (WHO). The project was developed as an entertaining educational experience for children between the […]

Microsite | Imperial College London

ROLE: Senior Art Director, Developer, Client Liaison The SPARK site is a student-only site that showcases the best photography work created at the institution, which can also be used as an image archive for sourcing images for presentations, articles and reports. Imperial commissioned Kiers to create the site design as part of a series of […]