2018 | “Whirling Turk” (ceramic mobiles) at Tour D’Argile, Banyuls sur Mer, France

2014 | “Earth Antenna” (digital animations), at S.I.T.E, London, UK.

2013 | “Earth Antenna” (wooden machine with Arduino) at The Art Rooms, Camberwell, London, UK.

2010 | “Earth Cubes” (sculptures from various media) at Mas Perer, La Garrotxa, Catalunya, Spain.

2005 | “Floral Fighting” (photography & illustration) at London Fashion Week, London, UK.

2005 | “Drama” (video) at Bagley’s, London, UK.

2004 | “Pixel Isometric Concept Art” (digital prints & animations) at Health and Environment Ministerial Conference, Budapest, Hungary.

2002 | “Westway” (film & photography) at Cultural Centre, Thessaloniki, Greece.

2001 | “Westway” (film & photography) at Makryammos, Thassos, Greece.