VR Hackathon Winner 2018

Kiers attended the WEB 3D Consortium VR Hackathon event in Poznan, Poland in June 2018. The purpose of the event was to allow groups of up to 5 designer-developers to answer a sponsored challenge in a competitive environment using virtual reality. The challenge he chose to work on was “one-handed quick access menu”. Working as a team, the challenge was answered in the 48 hour period by creating a highly extensible, and very intuitive menu system for a spatial design application within HTC Vive.

The video below shows the final results. Key limitations were that only a single controller with two active buttons could be used to access what could potentially be up to 2000 menu items. Our solution received two awards – best project for this challenge, and best project for the entire hackathon event (there were around 50 participants in the event).


Poznań, Poland 17-19 June 2018